Zhengzhou Lei Exhibition unveiled "National Pulp and Paper Engineering Laboratory-Pulp Technology Joint R&D Center"

Recently, Cao Zhenlei, Chairman of the China Paper Society, Cao Chunyu, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the China Paper Society, and Chairman of the China Pulp and Paper Research Institute Co., Ltd. visited Zhengzhou Lei Exhibition, and Yang Xingjie, Secretary of the Party Committee of Dayui Town, Xinmi City, Henan Province, Geng Haiyan, Chairman of Henan Paper Industry Association, Li Shangwu, Secretary-General of Henan Paper Association, Ma Minggang, Senior Economist, and Liu Jiantao, General Manager of Zhengzhou Leizhan Technology Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. accompanied the visit. The leaders spoke highly of the production technology and products of Zhengzhou Leizhan Technology Paper Machinery Co., Ltd.








Liu Jiantao, general manager of Leizhan Company, introduced to Chairman Cao Zhenlei and Chairman Cao Chunyu in detail about the energy-saving products of Leizhan Company, as well as the future industrial layout and innovative product planning.


微信图片_20210718094725.jpgSubsequently, the opening ceremony of the Pulp and Paper National Engineering Laboratory Pulp Technology Joint R&D Center was held. Under the witness of Chairman Cao Zhenlei, Secretary Yang Xingjie, Chairman Geng Haiyan, Secretary-General Li Shangwu, and Senior Economist Ma Minggang, China Cao Chunyu, chairman of the Pulp and Paper Research Institute Co., Ltd., and Liu Jiantao, general manager of Zhengzhou Leizhan Technology Paper Machinery Co., Ltd., jointly unveiled the joint R&D center.



During the meeting, Chairman Cao Zhenlei and Chairman Cao Chunyu made speeches on the recent development and technological innovation of Leizhan Machinery.


Chairman Cao Zhenlei pointed out that Leizhan Machinery has made certain innovations in the energy-saving design of pulping equipment and innovative environmentally friendly products. It has also made great achievements in the domestic and foreign papermaking markets and has gained a good market reputation.

I hope that Leizhan will focus on new product development in the future, further improve the technical content of the equipment, and increase the high added value of the equipment. At the same time, the cooperation between enterprises and the society should be strengthened to make the promotion of products and branding of famous and high-quality enterprises more smooth and efficient.


Chairman Cao Chunyu emphasized that after 40 years of development, Lei Zhan has continuously adjusted its thinking to adapt to the market and achieved high results.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, it is even more necessary to be self-reliant and strengthen research and development. With the aid of the platform of China Pulp and Paper Research Institute and National Pulp and Paper Engineering Laboratory, we will continue to innovate, deepen cooperation in technology and equipment, and jointly promote the progress and industrial upgrading of technology and equipment.


Liu Jiantao, general manager of Leizhan Company, made a report at the meeting and expressed his gratitude to the leaders of China Paper Society, China Pulp and Paper Research Institute, Henan Paper Society and Henan Paper Association for their support.

  Since the development of Lei Zhan company, it is inseparable from the support and love of the local party committee, government, industry academies, magazines, media and customers. Leizhan Machinery has been adhering to the concept of professional technology and serving papermaking, and has continuously increased technological research and development and innovation. The energy-saving pulping equipment designed and developed is energy-saving and efficient, and contributes to the creation of environmental protection equipment and the creation of green water and green mountains.

Then, General Manager Liu Jiantao emphasized that the inauguration of the National Pulp and Paper Engineering Laboratory-Pulping Technology Joint R&D Center can further enhance Lei Zhan’s innovative technology development capabilities and can rely on professional platforms to pass enterprises and research Academies, universities and other in-depth cooperation to accelerate the pace of new product research and development, new technology innovation.

Finally, Mr. Liu once again thanked all the leaders for coming to Lei Zhan to guide the work.